Become a Missionary

Live a Life that Changes Lives

“For if we received the love which restores meaning to our lives, how can we fail to share that love with others?”

– Pope Francis

Live a life that changes lives.

Welcome to Damascus. A place unlike any other.
This year, over 10,000 individuals will visit Damascus to be awakened, empowered, and equipped to Live the Adventure of their Catholic faith.  We are a world-class program and an environment of authentic encounter.

Our missionary heart.
The Full-Time Missionary Program provides an opportunity for men and women to make Christ the full measure of their lives, living the adventure of their faith through radical service to the kingdom and Catholic communal living that will challenge them to become everything God made them to be.

It’s about giving one’s life away generously, and in turn, receiving the abundant life Jesus promises.

Read below for descriptions of our full-time missionary program or head to for information on our three missionary summer staff options.

Missionary Commitment.

Full-time missionaries devote a year of their life to the mission of Damascus Catholic Mission Campus and the teachings of the Church through a devotion to daily prayer, sacramental life, communal living, and personal formation. Missionaries share community together, form bonds as brothers and sisters in Christ, and learn to answer the Lord’s call to life-long missionary discipleship.

Missionary service
Missionaries will first serve with CYSC for ten weeks during the summer months. They will then facilitate all on-site retreats at Damascus and will help develop and heighten world-class programs, dynamic youth conferences, and parish and school outreach programs throughout the duration of their missionary year.

A first look
Damascus Full-Time Missionary Bootcamp will be held March 2nd – 4th at Damascus Catholic Mission Campus. This will be an opportunity for missionaries to see an overview of the year, engage in community building, praise, and worship, and participate in an intensive fundraising camp.

A Missionary Mindset

We are Jesus-Centered.
We are Mission-Focused.
We are Joy-Filled.
We are Obedient.
We are Toilet Plungers.

5 Full-Time Missionary Pillars

Prayer is the foundation of all Christian life. As missionaries, we are called to be totally Jesus-centered to the point that our hearts, minds, words and actions are consumed with the love of Jesus and by the love of Jesus. All of our activity flows out of our prayer life, which includes both personal and communal prayer.

Our missionary community will sharpen you. Missionaries live in men’s and women’s households that pray together, live life together, and evangelize together. Christian communal living calls you out of yourself and into radical love of others. Community members enter into year-round formation and small groups with one another.

As disciples of Jesus, we are all called to disciple others. As missionaries, we desire to be witnesses to all and to journey with particular individuals to form them into the full stature of Christ. As missionaries, you will disciple small groups and individuals on retreats, in youth ministry programs, and within school outreach programs.

Many Christians are afraid to take a risk for Jesus. As missionaries, you will be invited to outreach in schools and parishes and will be given opportunities for evangelization and prayer ministry in public settings.

Missionaries will be equipped with confidence-building tools in evangelization and discipleship, will receive training in effective middle school and high school youth ministry, and will grow in greater confidence in prayer ministry. If desired, after missionary service is complete, missionaries will be provided a letter of recommendation and help transitioning into a ministry career.

2018 Details

  • 2018-19 Full-Time Missionary Schedule
  • Typical Week Schedule
  • Ministry Roles

March 29- 31, 2019: Fundraising Boot Camp
June 1: Report to Damascus for CYSC Training (May 28th if on program staff)
August 7-August 30: Post camp break / fundraising if needed
September 1: Report back for mission year (training from 9/1-9/15)
September 21-September 25: Thanksgiving Break
December 22-January 5: Christmas Break
January 6, 2019: Report back for second half of mission year
May 10: Last Day of Service

Monday: Missionary Formation, Staff Prayer, Staff Meetings, and Role-Specific Meetings
Tuesday: House Prayer, Household Chores, School Outreach, and Appointed Evangelization
Wednesday-Friday: Three-Day Outdoor School Facilitation
Friday-Sunday: Confirmation Retreat, Hosting Retreats, and Youth Group Assistance

* We will not have a retreat Wednesday-Sunday every week. Missionaries will be given time for personal support raising, recreation, and house/team time on our non-retreat days.

* Regarding non-retreat days, communal praise and worship, Eucharistic Adoration, and daily Mass are all commonplace within our ministry.

Retreat Ministry: executing CYSC and all retreats held at Damascus. Retreat ministry during the year will combine aspects of programming (skits/dramas, talks, emceeing, activity leadership, etc.) and counseling (small group leadership, pastoral leadership, etc.).

Ministry of Discipleship: enhancing and deepening impact within parishes and schools through commitment to a youth group core team

Ministry of Outreach: entering into schools and public places to seek out divine appointments to bring others to an encounter with the person of Jesus Christ

Ministry of Hospitality: providing for the needs of any and all groups renting the facilities at Damascus. Food, technical support, maintenance, etc.

Ministry of Stewardship: caring for the property and the facilities God has entrusted to us at Damascus

Ministry of Equipping: recruiting summer missionaries and full-time missionaries for the upcoming summer and the following year

In order to develop the passions and giftings of each individual, missionaries will have the opportunity to enter into specific roles within the team in addition to the general roles above, including but not limited to: Music and Worship Ministry; Tech Operations; Marketing, Media & Photography; Program Development; Maintenance & Construction; Sacristan.

Personal Support Raising

A Full-Time Missionary invites others to partner with them in the mission, raising funds to cover a full mission-year (June-May; this replaces the Missionary Support Raising expected of summer missionaries). Gifts, made to Damascus, provide for missionary compensation, food, lodging, utilities, and a ministry-related gas/food expense stipend.

Damascus Missionaries are invited to raise personal support at one of three levels:

  • Raise $5,000 and receive $200/month for personal expenses
  • Raise $7,500 and receive $350/month for personal expenses
  • Raise $10,000 and receive $500/month for personal expenses
  • Raise $15,000 and receive $750/month for personal expenses
  • Raise $20,000 and receive $1,000/month for personal expenses
  • Raise $25,000 and receive $1,500/month for personal expenses

Missionaries may be eligible for increased support raising opportunities in subsequent years of service.

Damascus will support fundraising efforts in the following ways:

  • Provide Personal Support Raising Training
  • Provide Standard Support Raising Materials
  • Provide Tax ID (all gifts may be tax deductible for your support team.)

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the year of service?

The mission year begins with fundraising in May. In June, all missionaries arrive at Damascus, located in Centerburg, Ohio, and start their time on mission with ten weeks of service at Catholic Youth Summer Camp. After CYSC, full-time missionaries will begin training to facilitate the retreats and the outdoor school that take place at Damascus.

Do I have to fundraise?

Yes. Each missionary is asked to raise support in order to cover their cost of living for the year. Gifts, made to Damascus, provide for for missionary compensation, food, lodging, utilities, conference fees, travel costs, ministry-related gas/food expenses, and other outreach opportunities throughout the year.  The missionaries will go through an intensive support raising bootcamp, using the “God Ask” method, at the beginning of March.

How much do I need to fundraise?

The fundraising goals are based off of the missionaries’ financial needs. The goal is to raise between $5,000-$12,500. Our team will give you the materials and the methods to confidently reach full support.

How many full-time missionaries are accepted?

Our goal is to have a team of at least twenty full-time missionaries, ideally equally divided amongst men and women.

Where do I live?

Full-time missionaries live on site in men’s and women’s households.

What is the age range for prospective missionaries?

Missionaries must graduate high school by Spring 2018 in order to apply for the full-time missionary program.

Other questions?

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Dan Dematte at or call our full-time missionaries Sheila McMahon at: (216) 904-6363 or Samuel Jones at: (937) 564-3240.

I’m in. What’s next?

Application is now open!

Important dates to note

November 1st – Missionary Applications Open
January 15th – Missionary Applications Close
January 27th 1-6pm – First Round of Missionary Interviews
February 3rd 1-6pm – Second Round of Missionary Interviews
February 8th – Missionary Team Announced
March 15th – Decisions Due
March 29th-31st – Support Raising Bootcamp

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4

Step 1: Create an account

Register on our CYSC application website utilizing the Document Center.

Document Center

If you have an account from a previous year, please feel free to use your previous account information.  If you can’t remember your login info, click the link on the account login page and it will be emailed to you.

Account Login

Step 2: Complete the “2018 Staff Application”

Both the “2018 Staff Application” and 2 sections of the medical form are available in the CYSC Document Center linked above, or available in the “Additional Options” of your online account.  Once begun, they are available for review and editing under your personal account (click on your name) in your account page.

Step 3: Short Answer Questions (first time applicants only)

First time applicants, complete the Short Answer Questions form in the CYSC Document Center linked above, or available in the “Additional Options” of your online account.

Step 4: References (first time applicants only)

First time applicants must also request and secure three (3) personal references. The following are suggested:

1) Parish Priest or Parish Youth Minister
2) School Teacher, Coach, Employer or other School Activity/Club Advisor/Leader (Not applicable to adults age 21 or over who are not college students.)
3) Adult (age 21+) who is not a relative (Adults age 21 or over who are not college students are requested to obtain 2 references in this category.)

Please direct your potential references to our online reference form.

Reference Form